Synthetic Grass  
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  Synthetic Grass is designed for a long life with high wear and abrasion resistance ;
used for landscapes, residential, commercial, exhibition and sports. Synthetic Grass is
added rubber backing for anti-slip protection completely.

  Anti-slip used rubber backing standard
  Durable synthetic machine tufted fibers
  Light weight and easy to clean
  Easily cleaned by vacuum or pressure water
  Luxurious tread and feel

Collection 1 Synthethic Grass


Product Specifications

Construction :
Polypropylene Dynacurl texturized

Pile Fiber :
Polypropylene "Thiolon"

Pile Height :
9.5 mm.

Pile Weight :
1000 gm./sq.m.

Rubber Backing :
1.5±0.5 mm.

Width :
2 m.

Length :
20 m.

Total Thickness :
12 mm.

Product Warranty(Yarn) :
5 years

UV Stability :
against UV degradation

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